Authors Roundtable

Giving Back

I've found that in the Indie Author community there are a lot of wonderful people that love to give something back.  With that said I've had the pleasure of hosting several roundtable events.

Authors gather to discuss their craft, marketing, tips, trials, and tribulations learned during their writing journey as well as their available works.

Previous Episodes

Authors Roundtable Oct 16,2021 - Episode 1  - Matt Perry, John St. Clair, Paul Lubaczewski, London Blue

Authors Roundtable Feb 13,2022 - Episode 2  - Casie Aufenthie, London Blue, John St. Clair, R. Raeta, K. Thomas and David Musser

Authors Roundtable Episode 3. So, you’ve written one book, why does it seem harder to complete your next one - E. P. Stavs, Harriet Helfand, Christopher W. Brown, David Musser, John St. Clair.

Authors Roundtable Episode 4. Our favorite Indie and New Authors. Plus, ideas to help Authors. - David Musser, John St. Clair, Casie Aufenthie, Christopher W. Brown, J A Boulet, B. Singh, D.H. Schleicher