Keep In The Light

Keep In the Light

Originally self-published—has now found a new home with Next Chapter Publishing! Dive back into this chilling tale of primal terror, family bonds, and otherworldly forces. Available now!

College student Janet is grappling with the uncertainties of her life and a complicated long-distance friendship. Her world changes drastically when she encounters a supernatural entity that shatters her worries and replaces them with a primal terror.

In her new reality, humans are no longer at the top of the food chain. As an insatiable force preys upon them, Janet and her loved ones must confront their deepest fears, and fight to survive in a world teetering on the edge of darkness.

A gripping tale of horror, David Musser's KEEP IN THE LIGHT is a story of family bonds and resilience in the face of otherworldly, paranormal forces.

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The Abyss: A Horror Novel Collection

The Abyss - A Horror Novel Collection

A collection of three horror novels by Mark L'Estrange, David Musser & Doug Lamoreux, now available in one volume!

Tormented: In eighteenth-century England, Vincent Goddard delves into the haunting legacy of his ancestral home, Mandrake Hall. A darkness has awakened and now threatens to engulf the entire region. With his family's safety hanging in the balance, Vincent must set aside his preconceptions and confront the grim reality of life and death. But in a harrowing battle against evil, can he prevail?

The Devil's Well: Charles embarks on a perilous ascent up Night's Edge Mountain, determined to prove his worth. After a catastrophic fall leads him to an old cabin, Charles realizes that he is starting to change into something inhuman. David Musser's 'The Devil's Well' is a chilling tale of resilience and the sinister consequences that unfold when darkness takes hold.

When The Tik-Tik Sings: In a sleepy Iowa town, tourist season is in full swing, and the strangest serial killer the world has ever known is roaming at will. When the lead homicide investigator goes missing, Police Sergeant Erin Vanderjagt is forced into the fray and into a personal hell she never imagined. But what could be behind the bizarre deaths, and what can Erin do... when the Tik-Tik sings?

The Devil's Well

The Devil's Well

Charles, a young man yearning for self-discovery, embarks on a perilous ascent up Night's Edge Mountain. Determined to prove his worth, he leaves behind his love, Yuxin. After a catastrophic fall leads him to an old cabin, a mysterious well heals his wounds.

Soon, Charles realizes that he is starting to change into something inhuman. While he battles to retain his humanity, Yuxin sets out to find him. Together with the drifter, River, they confront the evil lurking within the mountain's depths, and enter a world of horror that is ruled by the relation between the hunter and its prey.

David Musser's 'The Devil's Well' is a chilling tale of resilience and the sinister consequences that unfold when darkness takes hold.

Living Death Zombie Apocalypse

Living Death Zombie Apocalypse

A terminally ill man finds new purpose in life when he meets a young woman named Jenny. Amidst the chaos of a zombie outbreak that has taken over America, they embark on a dangerous journey, fighting vigilante violence and hordes of flesh-eating zombies.

As the world around them descends into chaos, the two survivors unite with other stragglers on the shore of a lake, only to face a new and treacherous challenge. With the help of Don, an off-grid survivalist friend, they make contact with a ship off the Atlantic coast that promises safety and medical aid.

But their journey is far from over. The zombies are just as determined to board the ship as the few survivors who make it to the coast. Fighting for their lives, they must find a way to ensure Jenny's safety and fulfill his newfound purpose in life, even in the face of certain death.

David Musser's 'Living Death' is a gripping, edge-of-your-seat novella that pulls no punches. With its intense action, complex characters, and unrelenting tension, this story will keep readers on the edge of their seats from beginning to end.

Bad Humans

Bad Humans

Audible Only: This story follows Liz, a doctor who after reconnecting with a childhood friend knows she must help him, but his story cannot possibly be true. Is it possible to see the evil that is in someone? It would be easier to ignore if only she was not seeing the same visions. Rodney always had a crush on Liz; can she help him? Are their destinies linked?

From the author: If you could see the evilest thing someone has done and know they were capable of doing more…what would you do to stop them?

Whispers of Gray

Whispers of Gray

Audible Only: Whispers of Gray...the second and most powerful story yet from David Musser.

A dark tale that follows a couple haunted by tragedy. Sara is a painter suffering from horrific nightmares. Jeff, forced into a wheelchair due to an accident, is trying to recover in time to help stop an unearthly horror from destroying all that he loves.

From the author: Just because you cannot see evil does not mean it is not waiting around the corner.

Keep In The Light

Keep In The Light

Audible Only: Standing beside her father and looking into the abyss that had been her second childhood home, Lucky thinks back to her last night at college. It was the night before spring break, and she’d just wanted to go to a party, meet a boy, and maybe find out what he was doing over spring break. She thought that she had plenty of time to make the great life choices that all girls make.

Maybe it was fate, maybe it was a shadow on her soul, she did not know, but it was not her plan to be hunted by a supernatural creature - not her desire to have her friends and family in danger.

Standing beside Kane, her best friend, there was blood flowing down his back. Growing up together on the farm, helping tutor him after his father’s death. Other than her father, Kane is the strongest person she knows. Would that strength be enough?

On her other side, her father. They share a special bond and great loss. They know each other’s pain and the desire for revenge.

It is simple, really. You don’t mess with family. Those thoughts on her mind as she says, "Kill it, Daddy".

The Last Call

The Last Call

All who have entered here may not turn back. You cannot leave through the door from which you came. By prophecies, visions, and dreams, you will face the demons that you have created and have become.

Based loosely on the seven deadly sins. Seven people mysteriously find themselves trapped together in a bar, forced to answer for and relive their worst sins. Asher, their host, is neither judge nor executioner. However, he holds the keys to their fate.

Will they find redemption and salvation in this realm between heaven and hell, or will they suffer something far worse than a brutal and agonizing death?

Asher awaits their arrival … will he someday hold your key?

Living Death - Spanish Edition

Muerte Viviente

Un enfermo terminal encuentra un nuevo propósito en la vida cuando conoce a una joven llamada Jenny. En medio del caos de un brote zombi que se ha apoderado de América, se embarcan en un peligroso viaje, luchando contra la violencia de los vigilantes y las hordas de zombis carnívoros.

Living Death - Portuguese Edition

Morte Viva

Um homem com doença terminal encontra um novo propósito na vida quando conhece uma jovem chamada Jenny. Em meio ao caos de um surto de zumbis que tomou conta da América, eles embarcam em uma jornada perigosa, lutando contra a violência vigilante e hordas de zumbis carnívoros.