Janet has started her first semester of college and worries over things like deciding a major and how she feels about the boy she left behind in her small town home. With so many changes happening in her life, stress and anxiety are a constant presence. But when an unknown entity creeps into her mundane life, her stress turns into paranoia… and her anxiety into a deep, almost-forgotten fear.

College and boys with pretty eyes are the least of her worries when she realizes something is hunting her. Something dark. Something evil.

Something that wants to feed…

Whispers of Gray… The second and most powerful story yet from David Musser. A dark tale that follows a couple haunted by tragedy. Sara is a painter suffering from horrific nightmares. Jeff, forced into a wheelchair due to an accident, is trying to recover in time to help stop an unearthly horror from destroying all that he loves.

From the Author: Just because you cannot see evil does not mean it is not waiting around the corner.

Bad Humans is the third book in the Keep In The Light Series by David Musser.

This story follows Liz, a doctor who, after reconnecting with a childhood friend, knows she must help him, but his story cannot possibly be true.

Is it possible to see the evil that is in someone? It would be easier to ignore if only she was not seeing the same visions.

Rodney always had a crush on Liz; can she help him? Are their destinies linked?

From the Author: If you could see the evilest thing someone has done and know they were capable of doing more… what would you do to stop them?

The Last Call - Book Cover

"All who have entered here may not turn back. You cannot leave through the door from which you came. The table has already been prepared before you. There will be prophecies, visions, and dreams. You will face the plagues, vixens, and demons that you have created and have become."

Seven people mysteriously come together in a bar to answer for their life's sins. Asher, their host is neither judge nor executioner, but he does hold the keys to their fate.

Will they find redemption, salvation in this area between heaven and hell or will they suffer something far worse than a brutal and agonizing death.

Asher awaits their arrival … will he someday hold your key?

This book series introduces the readers to different types of supernatural entities in the Keep In The Light Universe.